Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Nowadays, Facebook is a popular online social network site. It is a new phenomenon to all of people around a world and it became a trend especially for the adolescences. According to my research from internet, facebook was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts on February 4, 2004. It is a free access social networking site that is privately owned by Facebook, Inc. In my opinion, everybody should have their own facebook. From my own experience, when I started to join this social networking, I can find my long lost friends since I’m in standard six that I never meet and already lost contact for so many years. Besides that, facebook can link me to my relatives in Singapore that I haven not seen for years. It also allow me search a new friends.

From my follow a line of investigation, Facebook can be easily operated and give a lot of benefits for it users. It is a great device to use for it members to keep up to date on every single thing such as current events, news, academics and all the interesting stuffs that happening around the world. Facebook is the perfect place for you if you want to keep in touch with family and friends especially when you are not staying near to them and it is also the fastest way for you to communicate with them. It allows you to post comments on each others pages and can view each others profile.

For a university like me, Facebook is the best place to share my opinion with my friends. I can post anything that I want to express my self during a certain time. Facebook also is the place for me and my friends to upload and share our current photo and comments about it. It is very attractive and fun stuff to do. For the university students, Facebooking can be a way to connect with people that a students may not have had the opportunity to know them such as the others students in their faculty, the staff and even the former students which is their seniors.
What’s more, Facebook also has games and other applications. Therefore, we can enjoy all the fun stuff after busy with our assignments. All the students also can maintain and increase their social circle through facebooking. We also can help each others do to our assignments by discuss and gave our point of view about certain issues. In other cases, sometimes, may be the students did not get any information about certain things from their faculty. Therefore, Facebook is the perfect place for them to know all the important information because for sure their friends will talk about it at Facebook. Sometimes, lecturer also will inform something to their students using Facebook. Facebook already became the announcements place for everybody to get the most up to date information.

Another benefit from Facebooking is that it makes the member especially students less awkward when communicating with strangers or people that they are not familiar with. From that, it can help the students to improve their self confidents. Apart from that, Facebook also is a place of love attraction that can be used as a dating service system. I’m talking based on my aunty experience. She is now married with a person that she knows from this kind of social network site and now she staying with her husband at Chicago.

Every product in the market for sure will offer good value. The same thing goes to this social network site. Even though it have so many competitors from the others social network site such as MySpace, Friendster, Tagged, Twitter, My Opera, and many others social network site that has been create, Facebook became the most popular site that people nowadays used. From my study, in 2005, facebook has become the largest and fastest growing site in the world, not limited by particular geographical followings.

For that reason, I hope that those people that still did not became one of the Facebook’s family, please be a member as soon as possible because you will gain a lot of benefits from this social network site and can make connections with people with similar interests and goals. At the present time, making friends is easy as Facebooking!!For the university students, Facebook is a great way to stay connected to one’s campus community under the same roof.