Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I just simply justify that I-City is a modern and unique tourism destination in Malaysia. It can give a big impact to attract local and foreign tourist to visit Malaysia. I-City is located in Section 8, Shah Alam, Selangor. That place has millions of LED light to brighten up the night that can stun eye view. This year, I-City became the place where the people in Shah Alam celebrate New Year. It is the best place to celebrate New Year there because that place is quite big and can fit more than 10,000 people.

Every night, that place will be visited by so many people especially by those who live around Shah Alam. It is also can be said as a family tourism destination in Shah Alam because usually parents will bring their kids to play, take a fresh air and relax at that place.

If you from Federal Highway, you can see the beautiful scene of the I-City from that highway and I’m 100% sure that you will impressed with that scenery. You can see lots of digital maple and pine light trees make for a colorful forest that delights the eyes and feel like staying in a fantasy world.

What makes the place so unique is that it can show to the tourist especially the foreigner about Malaysian festivals. It is because, the lights are designed according festive theme that been celebrate by Malaysian citizens. For instance, if you went to the I-City now, you can see the lights that are designed with a Christmas tree for the celebration of Christmas. While at the other section, visitors can see the beautiful scenery of red lanterns, Chinese cherry blossoms and panda to show the atmosphere of Chinese New Year festival. Meanwhile, at the other spot, visitors can see the beautiful scenery of LED peacocks and others creatures such as swan, frog, and deer at the other end of the park.

This beautiful place now became the famous student’s hangout place because they most of the students said that they really enjoy themselves every time they went to that place. For them, that place became the spot to release the pressure after tired doing their assignments and busy with their studies.

For those that never been to this fantastic place, you guys should go there because this place is really unique and you can only seen the gorgeous scenery only there. This is the only place in Malaysia that has millions of LED lights that really stunning. Do not have to worry about finding parking place because it provided adequate perking area and also a guard.

I am quite sure that one day, I-City wills became one of the Malaysian tourism place that can attract tourist from all over the world and became the famous tourism place. If we want the foreigner to visit that place, therefore we as a Malaysian citizens should go first to the place and must be proud to have such a beautiful place like that in our country.