Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello everyone!! My name is Siti Anis Aimi Binti Ismail but you can call me Anis because most of my friends called me Anis. Even though my nickname is Anis but among all of my relatives called me ‘Adik’ because I am the youngest in my family. I was born on 27th May 1990 at Hospital Alor Star, Kedah. I am a fast track student from UiTM Melaka. Nevertheless, now I continue my studies at UiTM Shah Alam major in Publishing. Because I have change place from Melaka to Shah Alam, I am so excited to have a new life style here and hope that I going to fit in with all of new faces here.

My father’s name is Ismail Bin Abd Majid. My father works as a police officer at Pangkalan Polis Marin Tanjung Dawai. My father is a Johor an. He is the best father ever because he will gave me anything that I want especially when it comes about my studies. Besides that, he is a responsible and caring father. When I still studied at school, he will send me to school almost everyday. At night, he will send and pick me up to my tuition class. My mother’s name is Saerah Binti Hamid. She works as a nurse at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Star. My mother is a Kedah an. I love my mother so much because she is the one who give birth to me and raise me up until now. She is kind but sometimes a bit fierce towards me. Every weekend or whenever my mother free, we will go out for shopping to spend our precious time together.

For your information, in our home, we will use Kedah an and Johor an slang because my father cannot speak in Kedah an slang. That is why many of my new friends will be surprise if they ask me where I am from and I reply to them that I am from Kedah because they said that when I communicate with them they did not hear any single of Kedah an slang. I will used the Johor an slang when I communicate with someone that not from Kedah because most of them did not understand the Kedah an slang.

This is my first blog ever and I am quite excited to write everything in this blog. Thanks to my beloved lecturer, Miss Hamimda Agil because of her, whose teach us in Thinking And Writing Strategies this semester, me and the rest of my classmates have to wrote all of our assignments our blog. I think if she did not ask us to create our own blog, for sure this blog will never exist!!hOhOhO....

This blog has been creating for an educational purpose. Therefore, I choose Anis Ismail for my blog title because I want it to look formal yet professional. I will try my best to make sure to all the bloggers that my blog will be the best place for all of you to find educational information. I choose red and black color for the background because for me red color represents braveness and the black is the powerful color. Black is so powerful. It is because when others colors mixed with black, it can overshadow others colors. Thus, this blog will represents me as a brave person and all the contents only tell the truth and I will prevent all the untruth facts. By the way, actually red and black is my favorite colors. Therefore, I think that the combination of red and black is suitable background for my blog to represent my self to all the readers.

I will share everything that I know in this blog. Well there is no special reason. I just would like to take the opportunity to chill with you guys by wrote something interesting in this blog.I promise my self that I will make you guys feel enjoys and relax when reading my blog. Because I am still young, therefore I will find attractive topics that suitable for young people like me to be post in this blog. I will write topics that can get all the readers attention especially the students and adolescences. I will only post all the truth and will not do a plagiarism because for me plagiarism is so unethical things to do as a Masscomm’s student. Hence, I hope that my blog can get all the bloggers attention and get a good feed back from all the bloggers..

Okay!! That’s all about me.

Have a good day people =)