Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Have you heard of the case of an ex-student of Mara University of Technology (UiTM) who recently admitted her crime of dumping her baby at a dumpster?

Lately, the news of babies being dumped recklessly is intensifying. However, this is not a new thing in Malaysia. We had been shocked by this news some time ago but, it had resurfaced again recently out of the increasing number of baby being found in a pitiful state. But, what worries the most is the act of dumping babies carelessly is becoming more like a trend than a crime. The offenders are becoming more daring in doing this deplorable offend!

In Malaysia itself, we do have a sentence for those who commit this awful crime. The offenders will be indicted according to the 1997 Federal Territories Syariah Criminal Offences Act under Section 23 and in Selangor, they will be charged through 1995 Syariah Criminal Enactment (Selangor) and in accordance with Section 318 of the Penal Code, if found guilty.

Even so, we think that this punishment is not enough to really teach them a lesson and thus educate and warned others to not commit the same offense. Besides that, don’t you think that by carelessly dumping the babies in dumpster, in the river or by cruelly set the bay on fire in order to cover their sin; their act is in accordance to murder? They have the intention of committing murder and the act is just like committing a first degree murder. They should be penalized justifiably according to the felony they did.

That is why we agree if the government gives heavier punishment to those who commit this appalling crime. The government should be stricter in this situation to evict this dreadful ‘trend’. Would be sentenced to two years in jail and fined is enough to teach them a lesson and to make them realize that what they did was really unacceptable? No, it would not. For them, the risk of getting caught is not too high and if they do got caught; the punishment is not that serious. Just pay some fine and stay in jail for two years. What’s the big deal?

We think the offenders should be punished with the same sentenced as murder; indicted according to Section 302 of the Penal Code which carries a mandatory death sentence if convicted. In addition to that, as a Muslim country, we felt that Malaysian government should punish people who commit this offense according to Hudud law because it is the best punishment to be implemented and it is based on the Law of Islam.

There is a lot of wisdom if we apply Hudud law in our society both from the religious and science perspective. In Hudud law, the person who is caught doing adultery will be punished by two categories; if the offender is married or not. The married offender will be punished by being thrown stone to death. If the offender is not yet married, the punishment is one hundred of whipping.

From the science viewpoint, using the punishment from Hudud law, Acquired Immunologic Deficiency Syndrome or is commonly known as AIDS, the person affected by this disease can be cured; but, only if they are not married yet. In the human body, there is a defense system called immunity system. White blood cell plays the most important role in producing immune system. When the offender is affected by AIDS, the immune system will be weak due to less reproduction of white blood cells. By whipping, the body will have extensive cell damage that will stimulate bone marrow to produce new antibody.

But, if the offenders are married, when they are affected by AIDS, they cannot be cured because their bone marrow focus more on generate seeds to produce sperms. Their cells are weaker than the unmarried offenders. Thus, being thrown stone to death is the best solution to avoid the contamination and spread the disease while at the same time giving other people a lesson to not repeat the same mistake.

In conclusion, we believe that this immoral act should be severed from the early stage; that is, government and the authorities should monitor social activities that can lead to free sex, thus leading to babies being dumped carelessly. What is the point of having a sentence when it could not restore the lives that were lost and fail to give awareness among the society?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I just simply justify that I-City is a modern and unique tourism destination in Malaysia. It can give a big impact to attract local and foreign tourist to visit Malaysia. I-City is located in Section 8, Shah Alam, Selangor. That place has millions of LED light to brighten up the night that can stun eye view. This year, I-City became the place where the people in Shah Alam celebrate New Year. It is the best place to celebrate New Year there because that place is quite big and can fit more than 10,000 people.

Every night, that place will be visited by so many people especially by those who live around Shah Alam. It is also can be said as a family tourism destination in Shah Alam because usually parents will bring their kids to play, take a fresh air and relax at that place.

If you from Federal Highway, you can see the beautiful scene of the I-City from that highway and I’m 100% sure that you will impressed with that scenery. You can see lots of digital maple and pine light trees make for a colorful forest that delights the eyes and feel like staying in a fantasy world.

What makes the place so unique is that it can show to the tourist especially the foreigner about Malaysian festivals. It is because, the lights are designed according festive theme that been celebrate by Malaysian citizens. For instance, if you went to the I-City now, you can see the lights that are designed with a Christmas tree for the celebration of Christmas. While at the other section, visitors can see the beautiful scenery of red lanterns, Chinese cherry blossoms and panda to show the atmosphere of Chinese New Year festival. Meanwhile, at the other spot, visitors can see the beautiful scenery of LED peacocks and others creatures such as swan, frog, and deer at the other end of the park.

This beautiful place now became the famous student’s hangout place because they most of the students said that they really enjoy themselves every time they went to that place. For them, that place became the spot to release the pressure after tired doing their assignments and busy with their studies.

For those that never been to this fantastic place, you guys should go there because this place is really unique and you can only seen the gorgeous scenery only there. This is the only place in Malaysia that has millions of LED lights that really stunning. Do not have to worry about finding parking place because it provided adequate perking area and also a guard.

I am quite sure that one day, I-City wills became one of the Malaysian tourism place that can attract tourist from all over the world and became the famous tourism place. If we want the foreigner to visit that place, therefore we as a Malaysian citizens should go first to the place and must be proud to have such a beautiful place like that in our country.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Nowadays, Facebook is a popular online social network site. It is a new phenomenon to all of people around a world and it became a trend especially for the adolescences. According to my research from internet, facebook was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts on February 4, 2004. It is a free access social networking site that is privately owned by Facebook, Inc. In my opinion, everybody should have their own facebook. From my own experience, when I started to join this social networking, I can find my long lost friends since I’m in standard six that I never meet and already lost contact for so many years. Besides that, facebook can link me to my relatives in Singapore that I haven not seen for years. It also allow me search a new friends.

From my follow a line of investigation, Facebook can be easily operated and give a lot of benefits for it users. It is a great device to use for it members to keep up to date on every single thing such as current events, news, academics and all the interesting stuffs that happening around the world. Facebook is the perfect place for you if you want to keep in touch with family and friends especially when you are not staying near to them and it is also the fastest way for you to communicate with them. It allows you to post comments on each others pages and can view each others profile.

For a university like me, Facebook is the best place to share my opinion with my friends. I can post anything that I want to express my self during a certain time. Facebook also is the place for me and my friends to upload and share our current photo and comments about it. It is very attractive and fun stuff to do. For the university students, Facebooking can be a way to connect with people that a students may not have had the opportunity to know them such as the others students in their faculty, the staff and even the former students which is their seniors.
What’s more, Facebook also has games and other applications. Therefore, we can enjoy all the fun stuff after busy with our assignments. All the students also can maintain and increase their social circle through facebooking. We also can help each others do to our assignments by discuss and gave our point of view about certain issues. In other cases, sometimes, may be the students did not get any information about certain things from their faculty. Therefore, Facebook is the perfect place for them to know all the important information because for sure their friends will talk about it at Facebook. Sometimes, lecturer also will inform something to their students using Facebook. Facebook already became the announcements place for everybody to get the most up to date information.

Another benefit from Facebooking is that it makes the member especially students less awkward when communicating with strangers or people that they are not familiar with. From that, it can help the students to improve their self confidents. Apart from that, Facebook also is a place of love attraction that can be used as a dating service system. I’m talking based on my aunty experience. She is now married with a person that she knows from this kind of social network site and now she staying with her husband at Chicago.

Every product in the market for sure will offer good value. The same thing goes to this social network site. Even though it have so many competitors from the others social network site such as MySpace, Friendster, Tagged, Twitter, My Opera, and many others social network site that has been create, Facebook became the most popular site that people nowadays used. From my study, in 2005, facebook has become the largest and fastest growing site in the world, not limited by particular geographical followings.

For that reason, I hope that those people that still did not became one of the Facebook’s family, please be a member as soon as possible because you will gain a lot of benefits from this social network site and can make connections with people with similar interests and goals. At the present time, making friends is easy as Facebooking!!For the university students, Facebook is a great way to stay connected to one’s campus community under the same roof.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hello everyone!! My name is Siti Anis Aimi Binti Ismail but you can call me Anis because most of my friends called me Anis. Even though my nickname is Anis but among all of my relatives called me ‘Adik’ because I am the youngest in my family. I was born on 27th May 1990 at Hospital Alor Star, Kedah. I am a fast track student from UiTM Melaka. Nevertheless, now I continue my studies at UiTM Shah Alam major in Publishing. Because I have change place from Melaka to Shah Alam, I am so excited to have a new life style here and hope that I going to fit in with all of new faces here.

My father’s name is Ismail Bin Abd Majid. My father works as a police officer at Pangkalan Polis Marin Tanjung Dawai. My father is a Johor an. He is the best father ever because he will gave me anything that I want especially when it comes about my studies. Besides that, he is a responsible and caring father. When I still studied at school, he will send me to school almost everyday. At night, he will send and pick me up to my tuition class. My mother’s name is Saerah Binti Hamid. She works as a nurse at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah, Alor Star. My mother is a Kedah an. I love my mother so much because she is the one who give birth to me and raise me up until now. She is kind but sometimes a bit fierce towards me. Every weekend or whenever my mother free, we will go out for shopping to spend our precious time together.

For your information, in our home, we will use Kedah an and Johor an slang because my father cannot speak in Kedah an slang. That is why many of my new friends will be surprise if they ask me where I am from and I reply to them that I am from Kedah because they said that when I communicate with them they did not hear any single of Kedah an slang. I will used the Johor an slang when I communicate with someone that not from Kedah because most of them did not understand the Kedah an slang.

This is my first blog ever and I am quite excited to write everything in this blog. Thanks to my beloved lecturer, Miss Hamimda Agil because of her, whose teach us in Thinking And Writing Strategies this semester, me and the rest of my classmates have to wrote all of our assignments our blog. I think if she did not ask us to create our own blog, for sure this blog will never exist!!hOhOhO....

This blog has been creating for an educational purpose. Therefore, I choose Anis Ismail for my blog title because I want it to look formal yet professional. I will try my best to make sure to all the bloggers that my blog will be the best place for all of you to find educational information. I choose red and black color for the background because for me red color represents braveness and the black is the powerful color. Black is so powerful. It is because when others colors mixed with black, it can overshadow others colors. Thus, this blog will represents me as a brave person and all the contents only tell the truth and I will prevent all the untruth facts. By the way, actually red and black is my favorite colors. Therefore, I think that the combination of red and black is suitable background for my blog to represent my self to all the readers.

I will share everything that I know in this blog. Well there is no special reason. I just would like to take the opportunity to chill with you guys by wrote something interesting in this blog.I promise my self that I will make you guys feel enjoys and relax when reading my blog. Because I am still young, therefore I will find attractive topics that suitable for young people like me to be post in this blog. I will write topics that can get all the readers attention especially the students and adolescences. I will only post all the truth and will not do a plagiarism because for me plagiarism is so unethical things to do as a Masscomm’s student. Hence, I hope that my blog can get all the bloggers attention and get a good feed back from all the bloggers..

Okay!! That’s all about me.

Have a good day people =)